Are you highly sensitive or empathic?
Do you easily take on the energies of people around you?
Are you often anxious, apathetic or depressed?
Do you feel burnt out from constantly putting everyone else first?
Are you a “people pleaser”?

Look no further… You’ve come to the right place!

Jenna Volpe Healing Services

My mission:

To help big-hearted empaths, old souls, people-pleasers, and “wounded healers” to dissolve your depression, slay your anxiety and ultimately put a stop to the burnout, so you can find fulfillment and finally show up as your best and brightest self.
(I’ve been there too, and I now want to pave the way for you!)

We can all do this by tapping into our own inner wisdom (and a little help from Mother Nature, too!).

After all… we can’t pour from an empty cup!

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