About Me: My Story

My entire life I’ve been “highly sensitive” to most things.

From foods and chemicals, to the energies of people around me, to weather changes and cycles of the moon – you name it! 

As a teenager I was existentially depressed…

I felt like I didn’t belong, and I couldn’t figure out a purpose of my existence.  (Heavy, I know… but sadly accurate at that time.)

As an “old soul”, empath, and introvert (#INFJ), I struggled to fit in with lots of kids in middle school and high school (what the heck could I talk about with them?!), so I developed a lot of social anxiety.

There was even a period of time when I pulled a George Bailey and actually used to wish that I was never born (my first “Dark Night of the Soul”). 

In 2004 I began the journey of awakening and finding myself.

I first started connecting to my sense of self and sense of purpose through studying nutrition and learning about the amazing power of food (read more here).

In college, it also helped to meet LOTS of wonderful like-minded peers who seemed to really understand me, didn’t judge me and didn’t think I was weird. 😉

Shortly after becoming a registered dietitian and entering the workforce full-time, the mundaneness and limitations of our mainstream societal construct (aka the “matrix”) and fragmented medical system became very apparent.

(I’ve only ever had one full-time job working for someone else- that lifestyle was just not for me! I felt trapped on a hamster wheel and didn’t like all the limitations and restrictions placed on me by the facility. It eventually became suffocating to my soul.)

I’ve been seeking more meaning, purpose, and answers ever since. 

From Reiki to herbalism, reflexology to acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to neurolinguistic programming (NLP), tapping, crystals, meditation, aura healing, Life Activation and more… you name it, I tried it! 😎

Over time as I kept going, my mood improved… depression dissolved, anxiety went down, energy went up, hormonal cycles balanced, digestion normalized, and a bunch of histamine-mediated food allergies even started disappearing one-by-one in the last decade. (Kid you not! Blood work and skin tests to prove it.)

So many conditions that people rely on medications for, only to get mediocre outcomes and a slew of side effects, were getting better naturally and easily as I continued to learn and apply new little tweaks and modalities to my holistic lifestyle!

(Nutrition played a fundamental, foundational and profound role, but the herbal medicine, energy healing and lifestyle changes are what allowed me to break through clinical “glass ceilings” over the years.)

As bonuses of the spiritual healing aspect of my journey I’ve been able to further develop and enhance gifts such as…






Fast-forward to 2021: I feel younger and healthier than I did in 2004. I feel more joy and fulfillment than I knew was possible for me!

In the process of learning, growing, awakening and healing naturally and easily, I developed a life mission to help many others to do the same.

Despite the challenges I’ve had to overcome with physical and mental health, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! All of my studies, lessons learned and personal experiences going through the trenches have ended up being a blessing in one way or another. 

Remember:  things happen FOR us, not TO us.

It’s an honor to have you here!

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Lots of love,


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