Crystal Reading Sessions with Jenna Volpe

Crystal Reading

These crystal reading sessions are one of my personal favorite ways to tap into new levels of clarity and empowerment!  

If you’ve recently found yourself:

  • Searching for the underlying meanings, messages, or purpose in certain situations, circumstances, patterns, signs, or synchronicities 
  • Craving more clarity and a deeper understanding around your relationships, soul contracts, innate gifts, career path or overall life purpose
  • Knowing you’re meant for something more than what you are currently doing, and would like some divine guidance on which steps will most serve you as you move forward on your path

…then this crystal reading could be just what you need!

How do crystal readings work?

Together with a set of twin crystals (crystals which were harvested together from the same mine), we’ll connect directly to your Akashic Records, which are essentially an infinite library of “every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future” (Gaia 2020).

  • There are many different ways to connect to the Akashic Records; however, in my experience, this crystal reading is one of the most pure, simple and direct ways to do so quickly, easily and safely!

Once we’ve successfully tuned into your Akashic Records, you’ll have the opportunity to ask open-ended questions related to situations from your past, present, and/or future, provided the questions are relevant to your progression, greater purpose, and Highest Good.

As the facilitator of your crystal reading, I’ll be sharing with you any and all information that comes through to me from your Akashic Records in the form of downloaded/channeled images, words, messages, sounds, feelings and/or claircognizance (innate knowing).

So is this like a psychic reading?

No! Crystal readings are different from traditional psychic readings in that yes-or-no questions are not allowed and won’t work.  This is because those types of questions have the potential to take away your free will, which is not empowering for you!

  • Disclaimer: I have nothing against traditional psychic readings, and I get them myself from time to time – but I still make sure not to ask yes-or-no questions even then!
  • Pro-tip: Regardless of the type of reading you receive, make sure it’s with someone you trust and in a setting that feels safe, light, and pure (versus dark or heavy), energetically speaking.

Always keep in mind, when it comes to the future, we may have a tendency towards certain choices, paths and soul contracts, but nothing is ever set in stone. Ultimately, the paths you choose and the fate of your future are up to you!

How to prepare for your crystal reading

Clients are encouraged to make a list of any and all empowering-oriented questions you have about your past, present and future in advance before your crystal reading, and bring the list of questions to our session!  

You might also want to bring a smart phone or device for recording your session audibly, and/or a pen and some paper for writing down whatever feels most helpful and relevant to you.

Remember not to ask any yes-or-no questions, OR any questions that would require us to tap into someone else’s Akashic Records (that is considered a violation of privacy and thus not allowed!).

A few examples of appropriate questions you can ask during your session:

  • Past question:  What types of lessons was I supposed to extract from my relationship/soul contract with ____________________?  (This can be a family member, friend coworker/colleague, romantic partner, or even a past “enemy!”)
  • Present question:  What is the spiritual relevance of ______________[current pattern / situation / relationship etc.]________________?
  • Future question: What do I need to keep in mind or focus on in regards to my next ________[living situation/ job / educational decision / relationship etc.]_________________?

Can these crystal readings be done virtually?

No – due to the nature of this type of session, your crystal reading must be in-person.  

How long does a crystal reading last?

These sessions can be as short or as long as you’d like!  I offer them in intervals of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.  

Where can I learn how to facilitate crystal readings?

There are many different types of ways to practice and facilitate crystal healing and crystal reading sessions!

I learned this particular modality in a class called Sacred Geometry Level 2: Crystal Healing, Reading, Dreaming & Gridding, via the Modern Mystery School Boston with Jordan Bain.

  • You can find a local Modern Mystery School center near you if you’d like to learn more about training to become a crystal healing and crystal reading practitioner!

How to book your crystal reading:

If you’d like to give this session a whirl, feel free to book a crystal reading with me at my office location in Austin, Texas using one of the booking links below!