Life Activation with Jenna Volpe

Life Activation / “DNA Activation”

Back in 2017 after becoming certified as a Life Activation practitioner (wow, where does the time go?) I spent EIGHT months after that trying to find the right words to accurately describe a Life Activation healing session.  Absolutely nothing was flowing from pen to paper no matter how hard I tried!

There are no clinical studies on Life Activation (yet) which is why I’ve always been shy to advertise it as a service.  My past fear of being judged may have contributed to my serious case of “writer’s block” (which has since resolved, clearly!).  But after personally witnessing and experiencing the impact of a Life Activation for myself, I felt I would be doing everyone a disservice to not share and offer this information/service.

What is Life Activation?

A Life Activation (aka “DNA Activation” is a special and unique type of energy healing session which dates as far back as King Solomon’s temple, according to my mentors.  

A Life Activation session must be performed by a certified Life Activation practitioner, and it takes place in a sacred space that has been properly prepared in advance.

This 90-minute session will help you to recalibrate your energy field for the better, releasing stagnant patterns and blocks that no longer serve you.  (Read on to learn more about what it entails!)

My personal experiences with Life Activation

I received my first Life Activation in 2015 and it had a profound impact on my progression as a healer, as well as my ability to see things more clearly.

In 2017 I received multiple Life Activations over the course of my training as a Life Activation practitioner and it led to a major cascade of clarity, confidence, perseverance, joy and life-changing decisions.

I’ve also had the honor of facilitating similar transformations in close to 50 people at this point in time (writing this in January 2021!).

That said… Instead of giving you a basic description blurb like I normally would, I have decided to speak from the heart and share an analogy which came to me as a “download” so I can give you the best possible understanding of a Life Activation session based on what I’ve experienced it to be!

If you have a few minutes, here goes… 😉

Part 1: Pre-Life Activation

Imagine you’ve spent the majority of your life thus far in a matrix of reality which could be described as a dark or very dimly lit place: you can see very little because there’s hardly any sunlight and not much access to electricity.

What you’re able to see with your eyes and perceive with your five senses is what you know to be true. Beyond this, your understanding of life is based on what you’ve been told by your parents/caretakers, friends, teachers and mentors thus far.

Maybe this dimly lit world is not what you would describe as joyful or fulfilling, but your life there is safe, comfortable and predictable. And you know how to get by.  You know that certain actions will lead you to certain outcomes and although they are not really ideal outcomes, perhaps you settle because it’s not so bad.  And the cycle continues until it doesn’t.

But maybe, deep down, a part of you knows there’s more to life than what we perceive or what we’re told…

Deep down a part of you understands that the purpose of our existence goes far beyond fitting in, getting by, conforming to a mold deemed fit by society, or just “making it” day to day…

Part 2: Post-Life Activation

NOW imagine that for the first time, a giant switch has been turned on and bright lights are suddenly illuminating around every corner.  It’s no longer dark or dim.

You find yourself seeing and experiencing many “new” things in your world that you thought you knew so well.  As if you received an upgraded set of lenses, some shift has allowed you to feel deeper more intense levels of joy that you didn’t know you could experience. On the other side, maybe you’re seeing things from a more clear perspective but maybe it’s more uncomfortable to sit with. (After all, ignorance can be bliss, right?) 

Over the next three to six months, as you explore this newly illuminated world, you realize everything you are discovering has been here with you for many years; however, it was not apparent to you because it was too dark to see.   So much was hidden, or “dormant”.  But now things start to make more sense.

Now that these lights have been turned on, you might find that you can see things more clearly and fully for what they ARE versus what you always believed them to be.  Maybe intuitive gifts, clarity, and discernment start to sharpen and you’re able to understand more of the “bigger picture” of life.  

Life Activation makes a wonderful catalyst on any healing journey!

Life activation or not, with every step forward we take on a healing journey will be uncharted territory for us.  Change is not always easy and it’s definitely not a “walk in the park” by any means.  But it’s YOUR journey and since those lights turned on you have felt more awake and alive than you ever felt while living in the dim matrix.

The difficult choice-points and challenges we’re bound to face along this “lit-up” path will serve to illuminate which patterns in your life needs to change.

Over time, on each healing journey we are left with no choice to continuously adapt, becoming stronger and wiser so that we are more equipped to handle what comes up.

Like a lifelong journey made up of 10 million tiny “baby steps,” it is difficult to see day-to-day progress until you look back months later at how far you have come…

What Can You Expect DURING Your Life Activation?

This intensive healing session begins with a series of energy healing modalities (methods) which were designed to re-balance, re-calibrate and “deep-clean” various components of the energy field, preparing us for an actual activation protocol which takes place for the last half hour of the session. 

Protocols which occur as part of the Life Activation session include, but are not limited to:

16-Lotus Petal Balancing
Central Core Balancing
Elemental Line Balancing
Magnetic Line Balancing
Etheric Field Clearing
Aura Clearing
Chakra Alignment
Negative Crystal Removal
22-Strand DNA Activation
Spiritual DNA Reading

Life Activation sessions also include a set of Crystalis and Purificato “Spagyrix” which help to clear out whatever was released during the session, and to integrate the energy shifts over time.

After the energy clearing and balancing protocols are complete, specific tools are used to activate and then read a set of spiritual DNA-like points which are believed to reside in the etheric body. These points contain pertinent sequences of information relevant to our life purpose and life path. 

Life Activation Outcomes

A Life Activation session serves to “turn on the lights” by infusing our physical and energetic being with 10x more light.

The Life Activation session acts as somewhat of a catalyst, propelling us forward by activating dormant potential within us, simultaneously shining massive amounts of light and awareness onto any patterns that are not in alignment with our highest good and overall life purpose.

(However, thanks to a world of duality and free will, the ball is in our court – we are always in the driver’s seat and even if are Life Activated, if we want to change something, we still need to take ownership, do the work , walk the path and go through the motions day to day… no way around that!  The Life Activation is useful for speeding up this process, facilitating our efficiency and allowing us to see and feel things more clearly.)

Does It Work?

These changes don’t just appear overnight – they happen very slowly over time. Individualized results from a Life Activation session will vary, but my personal experience as well as the general estimated integration period for the energetic shifts is about three to six months on average.

Some shifts are very apparent, and other times the changes are more subtle!

Check out some reviews and testimonials from others who have received a Life Activation below.

Life Activation Reviews & Testimonials

“I was life activated by the kind and caring Jenna Volpe and it was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I am sensitive to energies within and around me, and the life activation was the most intense and electric sensation I have ever experienced.  I sensed as if my body was simultaneously clearing and detoxing from old stagnant energies, and I experienced immense light filling my body. I felt so comfortable with Jenna, and she accommodated my needs, especially when I needed some extra time to process my experiences. I gained clarity almost immediately after the life activation and my life path has become clearer for me as well. I can’t say enough about how incredible the experience was during and after, and I highly recommend getting life activated by Jenna.”  —T.C.

“My life activation session with Jenna was awesome!  I have experienced many continuous benefits including less anxiety and worry.   I’m able to digest a situation without reacting negatively. I have increased energy and more restful sleep.  I feel happier and more appreciative than I have in a very long time.   I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can honestly say this session with Jenna has had a positive impact on my life.  With each day and week that passes, I feel happier, calmer and more appreciative of all the wonderful people in my life.  I feel blessed!” – L.J.

Energy healing: more where that came from!

Other types of energy healing sessions that may complement and enhance a Life Activation include, but are not limited to:

and more!

Booking your healing session: next steps

This entire page includes a lot of really intense information.  I would love to answer any questions you have about Life Activation over the phone or in-person before you decide if it’s right for you.  

  • Life Activation Investment:  $250

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Disclaimer: Energy work sessions are not to be used in place of advice received from doctors or other medical professionals. They are meant to serve as COMPLEMENTARY tools which have potential to positively enhance or facilitate clients’ physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. There are no guarantees that any services, even including nutritional counseling, are going to “cure” any type of health condition.