Jenna Volpe - Life Activation Practitioner

What is a Life Activation Practitioner?

If you’ve made it to this page, you’re likely wondering: what exactly is a Life Activation practitioner (LAP)? What do they do? Is there a Life Activation practitioner near me who I can work with?  Or maybe you’re even wondering how you too can receive training to become a Life Activation practitioner. 

If any of that resonates, you’re in the right place!  

Read on to learn what a Life Activation practitioner is, what we do, how you can get started working with a local Life Activation practitioner, and what it takes to become trained and certified as a practitioner through the Modern Mystery School.

First things first…

What is Life Activation?

A Life Activation (also commonly referred to as a “DNA Activation”) is a special type of ancient energy healing modality which has been said to date all the way back to teachings from King Solomon’s temple, thousands of years ago.  

It’s a 90-minute session which includes but is certainly not limited to various rituals, protocols, a Life Activation wand, and even an intuitive reading of the newly activated spiritual points within your etheric field.

The purpose of a Life Activation session is to help you to release unhealthy, stagnant ancestral patterns that no longer serve your progression,hone/unlock dormant gifts (such as empathy, intuition, or clairvoyance to name a few), receive more clarity around your life purpose, access deeper levels of wisdom and understanding, hold 10x more light within your physical and energetic being, and ultimately accelerate your spiritual growth journey. (Yes, please!)

This healing session is different from most other types of healing sessions in that you only need ONE session in order to reap the benefits for life!

  • I personally opt to receive a “top-off” (additional Life Activation session) once every few years, as I find it continues to serve as a catalyst for me on my journey and there’s always a new level of wisdom to unlock.

(You can read more about the Life Activation healing modality here.)

In order to receive a Life Activation, you must work with a Life Activation practitioner.

What is a Life Activation practitioner?

A Life Activation practitioner is a type of energy healing facilitator who has been trained and certified by the Modern Mystery School, via their Healer’s Academy Level 1 program.  

What does a Life Activation practitioner do?

Speaking first-hand as a Life Activation practitioner since 2017 who has activated over 50 (closer to 75) people at this point in time, there’s a lot more to this healing session than what meets the eye!  

Once you’ve scheduled your session with a Life Activation practitioner, there’s an entire series of rituals and protocols going on behind the scenes in preparation for your arrival and your healing experience.

Prepare the healing space

Properly preparing the healing room in advance will serve to keep both you and your practitioner energetically protected, and it will also help you to get the most out of your Life Activation session.

Before you arrive for your Life Activation session, the practitioner will first prepare the space by completing a series of rituals to cast out any negative energy, bring in more light, set good intentions, balance the elemental energies of the space, grid and seal positive energy into the room using sacred geometry, and more.

When you enter the room, you may also notice the smell of sage from smudging, and Nag champa incense on an altar (among many other things!).

Life Activation practitioners also often play soft music during the session to help you to feel relaxed and stay present.

Meet & greet

Before beginning, you may like to share with your practitioner what led you to seek out a Life Activation sesion, what you hope to get out of it, and go over any questions you may have.

  • Keep in mind: while neither the client nor the practitioner ultimately isn’t able to control or manipulate the outcome of the session, it’s helpful to check in before and after, to assess any changes you’ve experienced!

From there, whenever you’re ready to begin, the practitioner will walk you through step-by-step what to do and what to expect.

Faciliate the healing session

Over the course of about 90 to 120 minutes, your practitioner will facilitate and deliver your Life Activation session via a series of clearing and balancing rituals and protocols as mentioned above.  

Your practitioner will walk you through what to do step-by-step as you go. You may or may not experience any physical sensations, emotional releases, tiredness, relaxation, and/or spiritual breakthroughs during the session! You may speak up as needed, but typically your practitioner will encourage you to stay present, process and release whatever comes up.

At the very end, your Life Activation practitioner will activate your spiritual DNA points using a special tool received during training and certification.  Lastly, he/she will do a brief reading to see if any images or messages come through for you.

Post-session follow-up

After your Life Activation session, your practitioner will check in with you and encourage you to journal/write down any notes from the reading that may have stood out to you, for future reference.  

You’ll also be given by your practitioner a set of “spagyrics” (Purificato and Crystalis) to take in droplet-doses each morning and evening as instructed, until they run out.

  • These spagyrics were made by ritual masters in a temple in Toronto, and they are purchased by Life Activation practitioners in advance. 
  • The only physical ingredient in these particular spagyrics is purified water, but it’s important to take these spagyrics as instructed as they will help to integrate all of the new light into your energy field (and help you process and release residual “stuff” from the session) moving forward! 
    • I’ve observed from first-hand experience that people who forgot to take the Crystalis and Purificato spagyrics consistently generally don’t seem to get the same level of results from their Life Activation session compared to others who took these spagyrics as instructed.

You should also be advised by your practitioner to avoid alcohol (and all other substances) for ~24 hours after your Life Activation.

Your practitioner may follow up with you a few weeks/months after your session to see how you’re doing! 

From there, you may be interested in and benefit from other types of healing sessions or even classes which your practitioner can help you to determine.

How to find and connect with a local practitioner

Generally speaking, in the world of energy healing (and health in general for that matter), we must feel safe with our healing facilitator of choice in order to fully relax and receive!

That said, it’s important to find and choose a Life Activation practitioner who you trust and connect with. 

You may want to run a Google search, check out a few different websites of local practitioners in your area, and reach out to connect with them directly, which can give you a better idea of who you feel most comfortable working with.  

From there, if it’s a good mutual fit, your practitioner will walk you through the next steps to book your session.

There are currently hundreds if not thousands of Life Activation practitioners seeing clients worldwide, so in most cases you’ll be able to find someone locally!

Life Activation practitioner prerequisites

If you’re interested in becoming a certified Life Activation practitioner through the Modern Mystery School, you must first receive a Life Activation session as a client, working with a practitioner of your choice.

From there, in order to qualify for Healer’s Academy (Level 1) which is typically held a few times a year, initiates are required to first complete the following series of prerequisite classes (which will likely be offered periodically at a local Modern Mystery School franchise near you):

Healer’s Academy is a five-day course which might blow your mind and even leave you with more joy, inner peace and vitality than you knew was possible.  

(Fun fact: Healer’s Academy is also where I met my soulmate and soon-to-be husband, Michael! Conversation for another time.) 

Final thoughts

Finding and working with a Life Activation practitioner is a wonderful way to accelerate your spiritual healing journey and reap the many benefits of Life Activation and other teachings/healing modalities for years to come.

Speaking first-hand, becoming a Life Activation practitioner is not easy, convenient or cheap, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight!  But while it’s not for everyone (or most people, for that matter), I absolutely love it!