My Story

My entire life I’ve been “highly sensitive” to most things.

From foods and chemicals to the energies of people around me, to violent movie scenes – you name it!  I also came to identify with being an “old soul”, and have struggled with social anxiety for most of my life. 

As a teenager I was existentially depressed – I felt like I didn’t belong, and I couldn’t figure out a purpose of my existence.  In high school I didn’t have much of anything to talk about with most kids my age; stuff that was supposed to be important at the time really didn’t matter to me. 

There was even a period of time (age 13-15) when I pulled a George Bailey (from that classic Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life) and actually used to wish that I was never born.  I realize this was definitely a point of rock bottom for me – my place in “the matrix” of a small town in a school with a bunch of peers who I couldn’t connect with if my life depended on it felt painful and meaningless. 

When I was almost 16 years old I prayed to God and asked for help, and help came to me within a few months after that (my nutrition journey started!).

(Looking back, I’m sure a few major culprits to my sub-optimal mental health were my terrible diet, poor digestive health and an undiagnosed MTHFR gene mutation which blocks methylation pathways if left unchecked. Conversations for another time!)

During my college years I finally began the journey of awakening and finding myself, first through studying nutrition and learning about the amazing power of food for our health (read more here).

  • FYI:  The “Highly Sensitive Person” book written by Dr. Elaine Aron also really resonated with me!  It was super validating and has been a wonderful resource over the years. It’s comforting to know there’s nothing “wrong” with being highly sensitive and that it is actually a gift!😊

As I continued to walk the path of the “wounded healer”, I began to become more aware of who I was, why I’m here and what needs to change about this world as we know it. 

I learned life isn’t just about fitting in or being liked, getting good grades, making enough money, etc.  The mundaneness of society became very apparent to me in my early 20’s and I’ve been seeking more ever since.

Over the years through studying, learning and practicing modalities including nutrition, coaching, herbal medicine, various types of yoga and meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, the chakras, Universal Kabbalah, alchemy, crystal healing, Life Activation, aura healing, EFT/tapping, astral travel, moon rituals, astrology, the Gene Keys and beyond… I’ve come to realize everything is all connected!

  • The “collective consciousness” (humanity), mind-body-spirit, the earth, the plant kingdom and even the solar system can’t exist without impacting one another.

Make no mistake – we are ALL here for a reason.

I also believe we have everything we need in abundance available to us in nature.  It’s just a matter of finding the right keys to access these parts of us that need to be woken up or unlocked.

Despite the challenges I’ve faced over the years in order to overcome with depression, social anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance etc., I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  All of my studies, lessons learned and personal experiences going through the trenches as a “wounded healer” have been a true blessing.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to bridge the gaps and pave the way for you!

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