Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD

holistic health practitioner | registered dietitian-nutritionist | clinical herbalist | jikiden reiki teacher | empath | clairsentient old soul | student of life

My entire life I’ve been “highly sensitive” to most things.

From foods and chemicals to the energies of people around me, to violent movie scenes – you name it! 

As a teenager I struggled with social anxiety and became existentially depressed.  I felt like I didn’t belong, struggled to connect with lots of classmates and reached a point where I couldn’t see a purpose to my existence.  

There was even a period of time when I pulled a George Bailey (from that timeless Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life) and actually wished that I was never born.  I realize that was pretty extreme, and definitely a point of rock bottom for me – but life felt mundane and meaningless at the time.

When I was almost 16 years old I hit a wall, went through my first “dark night of the soul” and prayed to God asking for help.

From that point on, life kept getting better.

During my college years I found massive fulfillment and empowerment first through studying nutrition and learning about the amazing impact of food on our health…

I also got to connect with lots more like-minded people and found lots of joy.  

As I continued to walk the path of the “wounded healer”, I began to find more clarity around who I am, why I’m here and how I can help make the world a better place.

I learned life isn’t just about fitting in or being liked, getting good grades, making enough money, fitting into the matrix, staying “small”.  I wanted more.  

Over the years through studying, learning and practicing modalities of all kinds… I’ve been blessed with lots of opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.  

I also believe we have everything we need in abundance available to us in nature.  It’s just a matter of finding the right keys to access these parts of us that need to be woken up or unlocked.

(And now I’m bursting at the seams with eagerness to share those tools, insights and golden nuggets of wisdom with you!)

Despite the challenges I’ve faced over the years in order to overcome with depression, social anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance etc., I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

All of my studies, lessons learned going through the trenches as a “wounded healer” have been a true blessing.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to bridge the gaps and pave the way for you!


If you have any questions or would like to connect to see if we can be a good fit working together, let’s chat!

Professional Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree – Nutritional Sciences (Boston University)
  • 1200-hour accredited Dietetic Internship (University of New Hampshire)
  • Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • Clinical Herbalist 
  • Usui Reiki I & II certified
  • Intuitive Reiki I & II certified 
  • Jikiden Reiki Shihan-Kaku (Shoden teacher) – certified by the Jikiden Reiki Instutite
  • Modern Mystery School initiate and Life Activation practitioner
  • Certified Max Meditation Instructor
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Certified Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner
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